Why Do People Buy Anything?

Why Do People Really Buy?

People buy for their own reasons. Here are two reasons that fits almost all situations:

1.       To Avoid Pain

2.       Create More Pleasure

If you are very concerned about what others think, you may be interested in the latest technology gadget. Buy buying the new gadget, you are moving into a pleasurable state of mind because you believe others will think you are cool.

Without getting overly complex, I believe people buy for only four reasons. People will avoid pain or create pleasure by knowing:

1.       You are the right decision

2.       You are the safe decision

3.       You make me more productive

4.       It appeals to my ego (how will I be perceived by others)

All four reasons specifically address the need to avoid pain and create more pleasure.

If they are convinced I am the right decision they do not worry about being wrong and taken advantage of. If they are convinced I am a safe decision they do not have to fear negative outcomes of their decision. If they are convinced I can help them be more productive (get what they want), they will embrace my solution because the pain they will experience by not achieving their goal. If it appeals to their ego and they believe it will enhance their image and reputation, how could it be wrong? Look how good I look!

How do you determine why people will buy from you?

There are six question prospects want answered before they buy from you:

1. What Do You Do?

2. Why Are You Different?

3. Why Should My Prospects Care?

4. What Do You Do Better Than Anyone Else in the World?

5. Why is That Important to my Prospects?

6. Why Buy From Me?

When you answer these six questions successfully, you will communicate the answers to your prospects in many different ways:

a.       Web site (use the outcomes to attract clients)

b.      Sales letters (use the pains to generate interest)

c.       UVP (unique value proposition). Sometimes referred to as a 30 second commercial (can be used in creating an effective 30 second commercial)

d.      Internet marketing (attracting qualified prospects)

e.      Email marketing

f.        Newsletters

g.       Speaking engagement

h.      Referral documents

i.         Build this into your sales process

j.        Create marketing strategy around attracting your ideal prospect

k.       Brochures

l.         Flyers

m.    Workshops

n.      Seminars

o.      Cold calling

p.      etc..

Good selling! It will be much easier for you when you tell your prospects why they should buy from you instead of letting them figure it out for themselves.

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