The Value of Twittering

Using Twitter to Announce Some Good News.

I am from the stone-age. I thought twitter was a waste of time. I would watch such things twitter past when I logged into Plaxo. The twitters included: I just woke up (who cares), I am eating dinner (then why are telling me, just eat), and a variety of other posts that just clutter up my Plaxo front page. I was comments to one of my friends who uses twitter regularly about this and he suggested I should sign up to see what all the fuss was about before I made any judgment.

I did sign up and ironically, I am having some fun posting to twitter. I had several people invite me and I am now inviting you to follow me:

One person who participates in a Marketing Mastery Advisory Board I belong to made the comment that I am the Dr. Phil of business coaches. It was a complement in the best possible way. She met that I use tough love to help her get results. It was nice to have something important like that to share on twitter.

I found it is a great way to break up my day when I work at home.

It is a great way to stay in touch (easily and quickly) with people I want to follow.

It is easy for others who share my interests to follow me.

Some people contacted me that I have not seen in a long while. It was good to hear from them.

So connect with me and I will return the favor.

Ron Finklestein

The Dr. Phil of Business Coaches.



  1. Hi Ron. I too was not quite sure of Twitter at first. Then I met @RobMcNealy here in my home town of Denver who had over 50,000 followers at the time (more than 100,000 now). He told me any time he made a tweet with a link to one of his blog posts, he would get, like 200-500 visitors…to a single post! I’m nowhere near that for followers, but once I got over the 2,000 mark, it really did start to become worthwhile. I look forward to meeting you in (and speaking with you on stage) in Chicago in November and I’ve “followed” you as well.

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