This was written by Dan Minick, President of IRN. I asked Dan’s permiission to publish this because I think others need to hear this message. As you read this keep in mind Dan wrote this for IRN members. If you have questions for Dan his contact info is at the end of this post.


There is not one person receiving this message that has not been negatively affected by this Economy in some way. It did not take an economist or politician to tell you your customer base was dwindling and it seems like everyone is taking longer to pay you. And telling you not to participate in the recession is a bit unrealistic. You have no choice. You can’t ignore it and it is not going away. So, I am going to tell you to do something different. PARTICIPATE FULLY!! Become part of THE AMAZING 3%.

This is not just a neat slogan to use in my monthly Networking Note, so let me explain. Regardless of your category, there is someone within your area that is not only surviving this economy but actually doing well in spite of it. In fact, there is more than one and the actual number could be 10% of the people in your profession within your own zip code. But, even if it is not 10% or 5%, you can be assured it is at least 3%. How do I know that?

Because, 3% is a magic number. How many times have you heard 3% of the people who attend a seminar actually successfully implement what was taught or 3% of investors in the stock market get rich during the worst of times or only 3% of people set specific written goals or only 3% of you will actually do what I recommend in this message? The bottom line is the number never changes. It is always 3%. And I can guarantee you at least 3% of the people in your category will be successful during this difficult economic period. Becomi ng part of the 3% is never easy but it always starts with the same thing, ACTION.

You are going to have to initiate several of the following:

1. Make your company as visible as possible. Double your efforts to insure everyone you come in contact with knows what you do, what makes you different from your competition and why a referral for you to their customers or those they know makes them look good. This is especially true of your fellow IRN chapter members.

2. Re-evaluate who in your chapter could benefit from YOUR client base. Meet with them at your next chapter meeting and set a goal of giving each other at least two referrals during the upcoming week.

3. At the conclusion of your 30 second commercial in the coming weeks announce the name of the companies you would like to be introduced to or the name of a specific individual in that company you would like to know more about and be referred to.

4. Ask yourself who in your business community could make a significant difference to your business and set a goal of meeting that person in the next 30 days.

5. Re-read the IRN program from the 2006 Annual Conference entitled “Capturing Your Million Dollar Gorilla”. If you don’t have a copy, ask your Chapter President to download a copy from the Forms section of the IRN website and email it to you.

6. Make the decision to attend the upcoming IRN 2009 Annual Conference at Kalahari and register online before December 1 to take advantage of the discount available. This will also position you to maximize your networking results for 2009. We are putting together an amazing ACTION PLAN for you to take away from the event!

Now you know why this group is called THE AMAZING 3%. It is never easy but somebody in your category is going to prosper and you can improve your chances greatly by the action you take. Become a GREAT NETWORKER!!

Thanks for your time,


Daniel Minick, President & CEO
International Referral Network, Inc.
12621 Leslie Road, Meadville, PA 16335

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