Ownership – If You do not Own it you Cannot Change it

Ownership – If you do not own it you cannot change it



Ownership is critical to success because it is so empowering. It can be frightening, but empowering. Before we move into ownership let’s discuss why it can be so frightening. Imagine if you would, your life is a mess, you filed bankruptcy, your significant other left you, and the dog ran away. I am asking you to look in the mirror and say, “I created this. If I created this I can change it!” Can you do this? If you could how do you think you would feel: frightened, angry, frustrated, confused, lonely? Do you think after you felt all these different negative emotions you would feel relieved and then empowered?


In my case and in the clients I have worked with the responses vary. Typically it starts as fear. Not wanting to face this hard truth. Then comes anger; you are mad at yourself for buying into the belief systems that led you here. You might even be angry at your parents or your family members for enabling this behavior. Finally comes acceptance. You can say with comfort that you created this and believe it. You may not know why but the acceptance is there. If you cannot change your situation you come to the realization that you can change your attitude at the very least. After acceptance comes empowerment. You realize that if you created the current circumstances you can change them. This is the point where you exercise (either create or act upon) your intelligent self-interest and start taking inspired action.


Now let’s define ownership and discuss how ownership differs from responsibility.


Ownership is the legal right of possession. In the simplest terms it simply empowers you to embrace your intelligent self-interest. Ownership says not only am I responsible for my life and where it is right now, but ownership goes one step farther. Ownership says I am allowed to pursue my dreams, my goals, and my highest ideals.


When you take ownership of your situation, it allows you to make changes and do things differently. Ownership empowers you to act, to take action. component. Let’s see how one person handled this issue of ownership.


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