Living on The Edge of Chaos…

Living on The Edge of Chaos…

We all live on the edge of chaos every time something changes. It does not matter what the change is or when the change occurred. This change can be personal, national, financial, emotional, or psychological. It can be external or internal. When change happens  we are forced to move to the edge of chaos to deal with it.

This is particularly true if the situation forcing our change is new to us: divorce, bankruptcy, unanticipated wealth, death of a loved one, business failure, rules change, failed relationships, etc.

Living on the edge of chaos is where all great ideas happen and real change (personal, professional, interpersonal) occurs. This is what we need to learn to deal with and manage so it does not destroy us, force us into fear based decisions or make us complacent.

Living on the edge of chaos forces us to think differently to solve a problem. Living on the edge of chaos forces us to make sometimes painful choices, to think differently about a situation, to solicit new inputs, and take new actions to eliminate the pain this change has caused.

Living on the edge of chaos, for this change to be effective, requires we take in data that may not have been important in the past. It requires we take total ownership for the situation, for in total ownership are we empowered to take the action required. If we do not own something we cannot effective change it.

Living on the edge of chaos requires we think about situation from a more global perspective. It requires we see things as they are, not as we want them to be. It requires we understand the impact of our actions on others. It requires we make an informed, responsible and deliberate choice.

If you are living on the edge of chaos and want help, call me. I can help because I have been living on the edge now for quite a while. It is not fun but with the right tools, support, and perspective, great things can happen if you have the disciple to let them.

Creating order out of chaos required creating (or recreating) a sense of order that puts you back in control and allows you be flexible enough to deal with the problems of being human.  It does not require you judge yourself. If does require you evaluate your actions and how you contributed to the chaos. Be gentle with yourself but be fair and objective.

To managing Chaos and Creating Results.

Ron Finklestein




Ron Finklestein is an accomplished Sales Training Coach and Consultant for small businesses. Professional and public speaker. International business author.

About Ron Finklestein

Ron Finklestein is an accomplished Sales Training Coach and Consultant for small businesses. Professional and public speaker. International business author.


  1. Ron,
    You couldn’t be more right!
    Being laid off from a long-held job got me out of a rut and into a major career change that has made work interesting and rewarding again. Lots of pain involved, but that was what I needed to get me to act.
    This experience also taught me the importance of thinking differently, as you point out. After the first layoff, after 25 years as an engineer in a large corporation, I immediately jumped into essentially the same job with another corporation. Even though I had been increasingly dissatisfied with that kind of job, at least I knew what to expect, and how to do it. Not a creative approach, but a “safe” one… or so I thought. Two years later, the company went into a major downturn and laid off 40% of staff in one day. That wasn’t as painful because it wasn’t personal. This time I expanded my search and became open to new opportunities. Through networking I was referred to a Patent Attorney who wanted help from “an engineer who can write”. I tried it and liked it, and that led to my new career as a registered Patent Agent. I’m in Geek Heaven… I get to learn about fascinating new technologies all the time, and then explain them to others who actually care about what I’m writing. Plus I can help others while working independently on my own schedule.

    • Your story is not unlike mine. I lost a job, 911 happened, no one was hiring so I needed to figure out how to make a living. The rest is history. It is amazing the gifts we receive when we are open to them

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