Change your thinking, change your life

Change your thinking, change your life

I was watching a powerful training video by Dennis Deaton on where he discussed the power of the mind and how what we think impacts our life.

He builds a strong case for improving our thinking processes. He states that “The truth of life is that we alter our destiny by altering our thoughts.”

For example, he discusses our relationship with money. We can alter our relationship to money by altering our thoughts. He states “money does what I cause it to do.” If we are not happy with the money in our lives we must change how we view our relationship with money.

We do this by altering our thoughts. As we alter our thoughts we change our life.

Because we totally under estimate our potential, we negatively impact our happiness. Deaton discusses fundamental and distinguishing characteristics of happy and effective people are their thought process.

Everything we do we do first in our mind.

The single determinant (to our happiness, success, etc) is a print out of our states of mind: we accept and believe what we think.

We are not locked into a specific state of mind; we can change our mental habits, our thinking processes.

What makes us human is that we can think about our thinking while we are thinking. Because we can do this we can analyze our thoughts and change our thinking

Change is a conscious choice.

As we revisit our attitudes and analyze them we can reconfigure them. But we must take ownership for these beliefs. When we do this we begin to understand that we are ordinary people who discover they can produce extraordinary results.

How do we do this? Do not repress a thought – redirect a thought – introduce a new topic.

We must feed our thoughts for them to stay alive. We feed them by giving them our attention

We can choose not to indulge certain thoughts as we shift our attention.

I received a call from a very depressed person and to compound matters she was mad at herself because she could not think her way out of the problem. She saw herself as a failure because she could not use the law of attraction to “attract” herself from her depression.

I asked her what herself talk was. She said I am always telling myself that “I am not depressed!” We talked about many things but I wanted her to understand that the unconscious does not understand the word not.

Let me give you an example. DO NOT THINK ABOUT THE COLOR GREEN.

What is the first thing that comes into your mind? The color green.

As she repeated the words “I am not depressed!” she was actually focusing on being depressed. I asked her to think differently by focusing on what she wanted (happiness) and not on what she did not want (depression.)

The mind attracts what it thinks about. Focus on what you want. I ask her to say “I am happy” instead of “I am not depressed.” This is very empowering to move toward what you want.

The other thing I asked her to think about was her belief system about depression. She felt she was not a good person because she was depressed. As a result of her depression she felt guilty because she was not the best mother and wife she felt she could be. When she thought about not being a good mother, I asked her to ask herself this question: Is there a different way to look at this situation?

Maybe, I suggested, she was doing what see need to do to take care of herself and we needed to help her find a more healthy way to do that. NOTE: I encouraged her to get professional help for those of you who are wondering.)

She thought herself into a problem (depression); only changing her thinking could put her on the path of taking corrective action.

Ask yourself, how could I look at this situation differently? In what ways can I look at this situation differently? This focuses you on an outcome, what you want and not on what you do not want.

“Life can be hard but you can do hard things” (Dennis Deaton)

Thanks Dennis for a great reminder that I am doing the right things.

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