Are You Authentic?

Are You Authentic?

I was watching what people post on Facebook and Google+. I noticed some of the people I know are different people in person then they are in the social media.

This got me thinking about what people want when they are looking for a product or service.

I think we have two types of problems:

  1. We are learning not to trust marketers because they know the right words but many times cannot deliver.
  2. Marketers are teaching us to ignore their messages.

Many times I have purchased a product or service because I felt the marketing message resonated with me. When I received the product, it fell far short or what I was expected.  The marketers used all the right words but the product did not deliver. I am not suggesting the product is bad, maybe it was just marketed to the wrong people or it solved the wrong problem. Maybe the marketing department did not communicate with the product developers.

I have read several reports that suggested we see from 1500 up to 10,000 marketing messages daily (TV, radio, internet, text messages, ads on free software, etc.) I see so many I stopped paying attention to them. I don’t think I am alone in ignoring these messages.

So what do people want these days? I think they want you to be authentic in your message. Say what you mean and mean what you say. I think they want you to be consistent in your message. I think they want you be straight with them. We often underestimate our buying audience. They are smart. They know what they want. They just want you to tell them how your product or service will help them. They are weary, distrustful and jaded.

Keep your message simple. Keep it truthful. Keep it authentic – just be real.

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Is Your Business at Risk?

Is Your Business at Risk?

According to SCORE, businesses fail for many reasons. I listed the top eight below:

Lack of a well-developed business plan: 78%

Not pricing properly:77%

Being overly optimistic – sales, money:73%

Not recognizing, or ignoring, what they don’t do well  and not seeking help from those who do:  70%

Ineffective prioritization: 66%

Denying problems exist:65%

Minimizing the importance of marketing:64%

Insufficient business experience:63%

Not having a business plan is the single biggest reason a small business fails and it drives all the other reasons a business fails.

A business plan has four primary objectives:

  1. Defines what you do and why others will buy from you and your firm
  2. Define the markets, companies, people, etc who can buy from you and how to reach them
  3. Defines the road map to making money, where you need to spend your money (i.e., marketing, Internet, computers, fax, telephones, etc)
  4. Defines weaknesses where you should be looking for help or areas to you need to address

A business plan, depending on its purpose, can be as short as one page. It is really designed to drive your behavior.

A business plan is a living document that should change as you and your business change. I will give you six simple questions that you need to answer as part of your business plan:

  1. Why are you in business?
  2. What are you selling? What problem does your product or service solves for your target market?
  3. What is that one thing you do better than anyone else in your market? It could be as simple as free shipping or a lower price point.
  4. Why would your target market care about what you do? Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself “what’s in it for me?”
  5. Why would your prospects buy from you? Even if you are the best, will people buy from you and why?
  6. How much money do I need to get started? A cash flow spread sheet will help here. It answers the question of how long until you are profitable.

For marketing, you must learn the six questions your prospects wants answered before they buy from you. You can find the report here:

Ron Finklestein


Please Don’t Ring The Bell!

Have you ever felt lost, stuck, confused and closed off?

As a small business coach, I work with many small business owners who are stuck, depressed, closed off and fearful.

When I found myself in that space a few weeks ago, I had no idea what to do. I couldn’t even sleep. Four AM was my regular wake up time and I felt blessed to sleep that long.

I knew I had to call my coaches (advisors).

You see I practice what I preach. I felt weak asking them to help.

I did not want to see them. I did not want to talk to them. I did not want to share with them how it felt to feel like a failure.

But I swallowed my pride and I meet with my advisors. I put my ego in park and went to the meeting. By the way they are what I consider to be my board of advisors.

Was it scary? Yes.

Was it hard? Yes.

Was it difficult? Yes

I could go on but you get the picture.

After a difficult few hours I received this advice from one of my advisors. “You are a coach, coach yourself. Step back, remove the ego, define the problem, and fix it!” Those were hard word to hear.
I went home and felt sorry for myself (for about an hour) and started to do as advised.

I realized my problems were the same problems I help others with daily: focus, discipline, and execution. As I started to define the problem I realized I got away from the basics everyone, without exception, needs to follow.

I knew I needed to create a process I could follow to keep me focused. I spent the next few days creating, testing, implementing, and testing again. I solved this problem by creating what I call the “Promise Setting Process.”

I am so excited by the results, focus, discipline and execution that I am going to roll this out as a product in the near future.

But talking about the product is not the reason for this blog post.

The true reason for this post is the email I received from one of my advisors after our meeting. It touched me deeply, changed my perspective and gave me hope. I want to share it with you because everyone needs someone like this in their corner: someone to ask the hard questions, someone to care about them, someone who believes in their dreams, and someone to hold them to a higher standard. Here is his email.

“Thanks for sharing this morning, old friend. How much of your current questioning of your career direction is related to the feeling of helplessness from your recent encounter? When we feel “out of control” or in the dark without a flashlight, we all attempt to question our worth or direction. Those challenges in life, are more often than not, met with an insecurity as large or larger than the monster in front of us. If we didn’t feel that way, we would not be “human”. Our reaction needs to be part attentive to the issue and part “I am better than this”. Where are you? All of us at the table have stories of coming out of a personal image crisis, and you don’t need to hear those now. How you gird your loins and deal with it all with logic and fortitude will determine who you are in the coming weeks and months. May I suggest both logic (a plan) and an ego. You are a great man, with great ideas. Use them on yourself. “The only easy day was yesterday”, now what are you going to do today? Ring the bell, or put on the 90 pound pack and run the 29 miles in the top 10? I’m betting you can be right there at the finish line.”

For those of you who don’t know, when someone quits (or washes out) in the process of becoming a Navy Seal, he must ring the bell letting everyone know of his choice. Otherwise he is expected to pick up his pack and start running to the finished line.

This email prompted me to fix my own problem and I realized I am not alone with this problem. Half the world feels the same way. If I fixed it for me, then half the world needs to hear about this so they can put themselves back into control. More on this later.

Today, find someone you can call and share your fears, frustrations, pains and choices with. Don’t judge yourself, their responses or the situation you are in. When you do that you start the process of feeling free. Everyone of us needs to feel heard. We need to know someone cares.

Then make a decision, no, a promise, to make something happen. No excuses. Track your progress, measure your results. If you are not getting the results you want, repeat the process. But find someone who can help. DO NOT RING THE BELL.

Thank you to my advisors who listened, shared, and would not let me fail; who held me to a higher standard than I could hold myself. The true meaning of friendship was reinforced and redefined for me as a result of this meeting.

Ron Finklestein

Ps. If you don’t want to ring the bell and want to understand how to “ANSWER the Six Questions Your Prospects Want Answered Before They Buy From You,” the check out About Business Success and watch the short video.


Do you Lack Resources?

Do you lack resources?

How many times have you said, “I cannot afford (fill in the blank)?”

How many times have you said.”I don’t know how?”

How many times have you said, “I don’t know the right people?”

May I suggest that these are not the right questions.

The right question I, “Who do I know that can (fill in the blanks?)”

We all know someone who knows someone who knows someone, etc.

All we have to do is ask.

“I don’t know who to ask.”

Call your friends and ask them, “Who do they know that….”

Do a Google search.

Go to or and contact people who can do the project for you.

Go to My wife and learned how to put down a tile floor watching those videos.

Go to the library. They have great resources.

Your accountant and financial planners are great sources for contacts. They want to help. Think about it. If you go to them when you need something they can start to know you better and provide better service.

“I don’t have the money!”

Call someone you respect and ask someone to mentor you. If you are serious they will be pleased to help. Most anything you want to know about is available on the Internet. Ask!

“I don’t have the time!” How much TV do you watch? Are you sleeping 10 hours a night? For many years I did not have a TV and the only thing I missed was Browns football. It gave me a reason to meet some friends at a bar to watch the game. When I got inspired about my work my need for sleep dropped from 8 hours a night to 6.5 hours a night.

Saying “I don’t have the resources” is an excuse, pure and simple.

Stop making excuses and make your dreams happen.

The only thing hold you back is you.

To your success,

Ron Finklestein


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Can You beTrusted?

Are you trustworthy?

Building trust is the fundamental building block for everything that we do, the successful relationships that we build.

I recently saw a report (by Watson Wyatt)  that stated:

  • 61% of people do not trust senior leaders.
  • Only 36% believe managers act with honesty and integrity.
  • A whopping 76% observed actions that their firm is involved in illegal or unethical activities.
  • The study goes on to say only 34% of American can be trusted.

Are your trustworthy?

Most people would answer yes. I think people are trustworthy.

But is their consistency between what you say and what you do? If no, that is a problem.

Do you communicate effectively with others? If not, that is your problem.

Do you do what you say you are going to do and then do it? If not you are not giving me a reason to trust you.

I think the world is tired of marketing hype. Be authentic. Let people follow you who share your values. It takes guts to let people know what you are about. Be brave. Be strong. Be yourself.

I want to help you address this issue. In the near future I will be announcing a marketing membership site that will help you communicate your trustworthiness to your prospects and customers. Stay tuned and I will provide more details shortly.

To your success,

Ron Finklestein


ps. Go to and download my free eBook entitled “Answering The Six Questions Your Prospects Want Answered Before They Buy From You.”

Ultimate Sales Machine

Chet Holmes wrote the bestselling book The Ultimate Sales Machine.

What a pleasant surprise to find that he referenced a article I wrote for called What Successful Businesses Have in Common. These 14 traits show up again and again when examining the reasons behind business success. I am including it here for your reading pleasure.

Ron Finklestein
Business Growth Facilitator

When you hurt someone…

When you hurt someone…

When you speak your truth are you hurting someone’s feelings? Is it
your responibility that someone’s feelings are hurt? Or are you saying this relationship
is important to me and I value you enough to state my truth?

What if the other person does not want to hear your truth and what if
your truth is in direct opposition to what the other person believes to be
their truth? Did you do the right thing?

In Jesus Christ superstar Jesus was ask this question about truth: what
is truth and is your truth the same as mine?

That question has an always stayed with me because I am not sure we can
get anywhere near absolute truth. (Please no emails about the truth of your
religion? I am not interested.) It is our beliefs, experiences, expectations, and
past history that determine our truth as we experience it today. This is
neither right or wrong – is just is?

If I believe I am to help everyone I come into contact with, am I doing
a disservice to the individual who needs to develop by doing things themselves?
If I have the financial resources to help someone and I chose not to do it because
I earned it and I really believe they need to earn their own, is my truth any
more or less true than someone who has less?

When does sharing your truth become an ego trip versus a genuine desire
to help someone grow?

I have no answers but i wanted to share some thoughts that are
important to me.

Ron Finklestein
Business Growth Facilitator
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Does RSVP mean anything anymore?

Does RSVP mean anything anymore?

In the past when someone submitted a RSVP saying they would attend an
event, they attended the event or called and let the host know that things changed.
That is not true today. RSVPs seem to be insignificant to the person responding.

Whenever I get an invitation to an event I always reply with a no if
there is any doubt of my attending

When someone goes to all the trouble to put on an event and invites me,
I feel it is the ulitmate sign of disrespect to say I will attend and not show;
disrespectful to them becuase of the time and money they expended to put on the
event and disrespectful to me because it puts me in a position of not honoring
my word. It makes me feel unprofessional and disrespectful when I tell someone I
will do something and then not honor it; RSVP included.

When did RSVP become unnecessary? When did RSVP become irrelevant?

Not honoring a RSVP says more about you (or me) then it does about the

Honor your word, respect yourself and your host, and be professional in
all you do.

I had people call on me to sell me their product or services. If they
blew off an RSVP, did not return a call (after agreements were made), did not
do things they were committed to, i would not hire them though they may be the
best person from a skills set perspective. Why would I? How they do one thing
is how they do everything. Why would I think things would change? If they do
not honor their word with an RSVP, why would I think they would honor their
word in a business relationship?

How good is your word?

Ron Finklestein
Business Growth Facilitator
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What is Legacy?

What is legacy?

Is legacy a Business man who lived a bad life and makes a donation to have his name on a building?

Is it a mother who sacrifices her career for the sake of the children?

Is it the man who works long hours to provide things to his family he never had?

Is it the man or woman who builds a company the employs thousand at great personal sacrfice?

Or the individual who stops abuse in his family and no one will ever know. Not even the future generations that will benefit from his actions.

What is legacy?

Do we create our legacy or is our legacy precast for us?

The bible says: The Sins Of The Father Afflict Unto The Several Generations

The legacy we leave, many time, is not out legacy but the legacy of our parents.

Our children live the beliefs we taught them and the actions they see us perform. Many time how our children see us react to different situations becomes our legacy because they will react the same way.

Are you happy with your situation?

Does the thought of your children acting just like you appeal to you, knowing they absorded your fears, concerns, loves and hates.

Or does it scare you.

Your children, whether you agree or not, are your living legacy.

Can you can have multiple legacies?

Yes, one for work, one for family, one in your church, one for your business, to name a few.

But I am not talking about legacy, I am talking about LEGACY!

The one legacy that impacts all we do, that drives our behavior, which is our purpose for being here in this place right now.

Creating a legacy is scary. It is scary because it requires we think about who we are, what we want to achieve, and how that will impact others in our short time here, and then do it.

Most people wait for their legacy to find them and I think that is wrong. There is no purpose floating around saying I am going to find Ron. I think our purpose reveals it self to us after we do
something. The universe conspires to show us the way after we start. It trusts us with small things so we can learn to handle larger things.

Why do we need to take action first? I think action is a prerequisite because we do not know our personal power and we need to grow into our legacy. We do not know what we can accomplish until we get out of our comfort zone and do something. If we knew what greatness we have
in us, it would scare us.

I also think our legacy changes as we grow and change. It gets bigger as we get bigger. The legacy you created 10 years ago may not be right for us today. Action starts the process of growing
into our true legacy. Our legacy relects our need to grow, prosper and get results. What we thought possible will seem small as we grow into our personal power and this growth can only happen when we start doing something.

Contrary to popular opinion knowledge is not power but applied knowledge power.

So how do we apply our knowledge?

A story might help.

First we must face our fears. 20 years ago I thought I wanted write a book. I realized I had nothing to say and I let this concept slip fom my mind. Years later the concept came back to me and by that time I knew how much work it was to write a book I decided against it. Ten
years ago I realized I had enough material to write a book and I decided to write one. After writing it I refused to publish it because I was afraid: would it be accepted, was the material good enough, would people think badly of me that I wrote a book, the list of fears goes on.

After six months of inaction I decide I was going to publish and promote it. I rationalized my thinking because I felt it would help me grow my business. I did get feed back and some of it was good, some of it was bad, and you know what, none of it mattered. I faced one of my biggest fears and I survived. I felt good about that. I did correct a number of issues in a second edition.

Since then I have been reject more times than I can count by publisher from all around the world. I have written four books and two are international in scope. I have another one planned that
address the six questions your prospects want you to answer before they buy. This one has been five years in the planning process.

Am I done? I don’t think so. I do not know what the creator has in store for me as I move forward but I do know the only thing that holds me back are my beliefs. As I discover the beliefs that
hold me back and release them, I know there are no real limits, only self imposed beliefs; The world it truly one on unlimited possibilities.

I was working with a gentleman who wants to open a business helping little leaguer learn to hit. He has the batting cage already so I asked him what was holding him back. He said money: money for more baseballs, bats, etc. I asked him why he needed money when he was already doing it and not charging for it. Even if you charge 1 dollar for the service you are in business. Take the one dollar and buy another baseball. Stop thinking of what holds you back and start thinking of infinite possibility in moving forward.

Do you know what your legacy is? I would suggest that you do? It is that fleeting thought that comes to you as you day dream. It is that feeling you get when you talk to someone who is living their purpose. It is that thought that you refuse to share because others may think you stupid or worse yet egotistical for thinking such thoughts.

So let me ask you again – do you know your legacy?

Are you living your legacy?

Have you accepted someone’s elses legacy?

It not too late to accept your personal power regardless of your fears.

When you shoot for the moon you will still be among the stars if you miss.

To Your Legacy!

Ron Finklestein
Business Growth Facilitator
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Getting Time Back

“A man is too apt to forget that in this world he cannot
have everything. A choice is all that is left him.”

– H. Mathews

Special thanks to Bob Patterson for this information.

Are You In The Top 10%?

The resource that people will tell you they lack most is time. However, if you watch them at
work you’ll observe constant activity: people rushing to meetings, receiving and sending hundreds of e-mails, answering their cells and either creating or putting out fires.

A 10 year study conducted by the Harvard Business Review of the behavior of busy managers
revealed that 90% squandered most of their time in ineffective activities. Only 10% were truly effective and used their time in a committed, purposeful and reflective manner.

The two traits that the study found made for true effectiveness were:

1. Focus – the ability to establish and zero in on a goal and see it through to completion.

2. Energy – the vigor that comes from owning the goal, tackling a heavy workload and meeting deadlines.

If you are prone to treating every activity in the day as a vital goal you will undoubtedly end up very ‘busy’, but not necessarily very effective. My advice is to ‘focus’ on one key goal for your work and one for your personal life.

Commit to it and I will guarantee that the ‘energy’ will flow.

Ron Finklestein
Business Growth Facilitator
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Business Videos to Enhance Revenues and Profits

Several of my videos on business growth and achieving success have been posted on the World New and Report web site.

This is one place where you can view key videos. The videos and what we cover are listed below. As you can see all are less than 11 minutes (because I know how busy you are.)

Here is the link

  • Behavior of Successful Business Owners 6:54
  • 7 Secrets to Overcoming Adversity in Business…10:54
  • Anatomy of a Sales Call…6:38
  • How to Grow Sales…9:49
  • What Business Owners Can Do To Grow Their Business…9:56
  • Hey! It is all about taking action…6:57
  • Why Intelligent Self-Interest is Critical to Your Success…5:28
  • Nine Principles for Inspired Action: A New & Targeted Perspective…5:50
  • Only a few ideas…3:39
  • Ownership and Empowerment…2:55
  • Measurable, Repeatable, Predictable…3:12
  • Persistence…3:29
  • Free and inexpensive marketing secrets that works – part 1…9:40
  • It is all about results

These videos can be used in these areas:

Revenue and Profit Enhancement Specialist
Ron Finklestein

It is all About Relationships

I was at and I found a good article on why relationships are important and most importantly, how to create them.

Give it a read. It is short.
Ron Finklestein
Revenue & Profit Enhancement Specialist

Blue Print for Achievement

I received this in an email from Jason Orman. It was the boost I needed today and I wanted to share with others who may need some moral support and encouragement.

Blueprint for Achievement

===> BELIEVE while others are doubting
===> PLAN while others are playing
===> STUDY while others are sleeping
===> DECIDE while others are delaying
===> PREPARE while others are daydreaming
===> BEGIN while others are procrastinating
===> WORK while others are wishing
===> LISTEN while others are talking
===> SMILE while others are frowning
===> PRESIST while others are quitting

– William Arthur Ward

Thanks Jason
Ron Finklestein
Consultative Business Coach

Are You a One Degree Thinker

Watch this short 13 minute video on becomes a One Degree Thinker! Many entrepreneurs are.

Ron Finklestein
Small Business Speaker
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One Degree Difference

 As a professional speaker, I am often asked what topics I speak about. That is easy to answer because I can speak on:

 entrepreneurship,  small business skills, marketing and most any topic relating to  small business skills and small business success.

The common thread tying all my topics together is called The One Degree Difference. We must learn to think differently about our business in order to get different results.

My book Nine Principles for Inspired Action discusses the nine behaviors succussful people implement and there are examples of how people learn to think differently and how this change in thinking leads to different actions.

The One Degree Difference simply stated is that it does not require a massive change to get massive results. It only takes a small change in our thinking, a one degree change, to get massive results.

Change your thinking change your business.

Ron Finklestein

Small Business Speaker

Contact me to see how you can learn more about the One Degree Difference.  



Leadership Entrepreneurship

Is an entrepreneur a leader? How does entrepreneurship differ from leadership? The answer depends on your perspective. In the traditional sense, anyone who starts their own business is an entrepreneur. Not all entrepreneurs are leaders.

A leader can rally the troops to take action. A leader can keep them motivated with a strong vision for the company. The odds of success increase significantly if the entrepreneur is a leader. If not the entrepreneur can thrive if they learn to master the basic skills and behavior of leadership or if they surround themselves with someone who can effective communicate that vision to the staff, the customers and valued business partners.

We cannot be all things to all people but we can surround ourselves with others who can effectively fill the gaps in our own skills sets.

To Your Success,

Ron Finklestein

Business to Business Marketing Internet

Small business skills are essential to anyone running their own business and that includes internet marketing, especially business to business internet marketing. We see internet sales letter where someone has made $200k dollars in weekend running an internet business. I believe these most of these claims to be true but what they do not tell you is the year or two it took to develop the product, create the lists, test the sales letters, define the optin process, and the list goes one. If you have no business experience these sales letters make it sound like anyone will achieve these results. Internet marketing has its own rules. But one thing is consistent with both traditional marketing and internet market: you must understand what your audience wants to buy and present it to them in a way that makes it easy for them to understand why they should buy from you.

I call this earning the right to do business and there are six questions you must answer that on the surface appear insignificant. They are not.   Here they are:

  1. What do you do?
  2. Why are you different?
  3. What is the one thing you do better than anyone else?
  4. Why should prospects care?
  5. What is in it for them?
  6. Will they buy from you?

If you cannot answer these questions you cannot expect your customers to know the answers either.

To Your Success,

Ron Finklestein

Small Business Skills

I am a faculty member for a training program that has a small business series called EDGE. EDGE is from (ILG). This is some of the best structured training for the small business owner and his employees for the money. Check out and go to the visitor’s portal to sample some of the videos. The faculty does a great job helping the business owner implement a small business management training program that improves the skills of everyone they touch.

To Your Success,

Ron Finklestein

Small Business Speaker

As someone who speaks on topics of interest to small business owners, I have found entrepreneurship to be of the greatest interest. An associate once told me that 65% of all small businesses started are one person companies.

This means there is a strong interest in taking control of their financial destiny but many times these new business owners trade one job for the many jobs required of running a small business: sales, marketing, bookkeeper, customer service, etc.

It is hard to be successful as an entrepreneur unless you have the success mindset. We are not taught to be a business owner in school and the business owners I know who have MBAs found that it is very difficult to applly what is learned in a college course designed for Fortune 1000 companies.

Who fills that gap between what was learned in school and how it is applied in the trenches? Someone has to. It can be filled in two ways: ongoing training and personal improvement and working with a coach, mentor or ideally a group of advisors. Working with someone else is where the best small business ideas can be tested before the wrong decision is made.

To Your Success,

Ron Finklestein

Thank you for visiting Ron Finklestein

The purpose of this site is to be the one stop shop for all small business needs:

  • Workshops, Seminars, Speeches, Training
  • Products and services the business owners need
  • Business Advisory Boards to help you with the tough problems
  • Business & Technology Coaching & Consulting
  • The Platinum Rule products and services to build better relationships and grow sales
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Of course this is a big goal and it will require your help to let me know what you need. As you tell us what is important to you, we will continue to add products and services to help you with your business needs. Our goal is simple: to provide you, the small business owner (individuals and business owners with revenues just starting up to $50M in revenue) with anything that will help you grow sales, get focused, and get control over your business.

Sometimes I do this through partners and other times they are products and services I create.

Let me know what you need and if possible we will make it happen. Just call me at 330-990-0788 and let me know how I can help.


Ron Finklestein

Introducing Ron Finklestein

This is a new site about and written by Ron Finklestein, Small Business Speaker.

Income Opportunity & Ownership

A good friend of mine who I am proud to know (Eric Allen) is involved in a networking marketing opportunity. He does not discuss the opportunity or attempt to sell you on network marketing but he asks you to take ownership for your situation and know you can change. Ownership is principle number 2 in my book Nine Principles for Inspired Action: A New & targeted Perspective (amazon).
Eric does not use the word ownership. When you watch this video you will understand that only you can change your life. When you take ownership for where you are you realize that you created the situation you are in and since you created it you can change it.
Eric and I are in the same network marketing opportunity and if you want to know what it is contact me at 330-990-0788 / It is not mentioned in the video and we are not in the same down line so I do not benefit at all from asking you to watch this short video. I just believe in what Eric is trying to accomplish.
The intent of this video is to help you understand there are options. You are not a victim of the economy unless you let yourself be.

Take five minutes and what this video.   You will be glad you did.

After you watch this video read this blog (less than 60 seconds)

and start moving towards what you want and not away from what you do not want.

Ron Finklestein / 330-990-0788


Why Banks Suck – especially Chase!


I have (had, I just cancelled it) a credit card with Chase Bank for several years. I never missed a payment. 


I received a notice that my interest rate was going from 3.99% to 19.99% because of market conditions. What makes this so offense to me is that I just receive a piece of mail from Chase asking me to open a new Credit Card Account with an introductory rate of, get thing, nothing, zero, the big goose egg. And the interest rate after the introductory period is only 9.99%! What are they thinking? Or are they thinking at all?


This is weird. They created the conditions by giving loans to anyone who was breathing. Now they send me a letter saying because we screwed up you have to pay for our mistakes. What really angers me is that I have missed one payment in 30 years. The one I missed was one I thought my wife paid and I thought she paid it. 


I called customer service and the only option I had was to cancel the card or accept the 3x increase in interest. Now my credit rating will suffer because I cancelled a card, because Chase Bank sucks.


And to think the banks were given billions of tax payer money. I don’t know how much Chase received but they did receive the government money. Since they are not lending, they are holding their credit card customers hostage.


I told the customer service person I spoke with that I will do no more business with Chase. I would encourge anyone experience this to stop doing business with banks who are not ethical. Do not be confused, they are legal, not ethical.


I feel bad for the people who are not in the position to cancel their cards, did not read the notice (all legal bull shit) or if they read it, did not understand it (like me, that is why I called Chases Customer Service). Now I do.


I do not understand why our government supports and endorses such behavior from our banks. Banks cannot have it both ways. Either stop taking the money or take the government money and leave your card holders alone.


Frankly, I am tired of the perferred treatment the banks are getting from our government.  


Ron Finklestein

The Value of Twittering

Using Twitter to Announce Some Good News.

I am from the stone-age. I thought twitter was a waste of time. I would watch such things twitter past when I logged into Plaxo. The twitters included: I just woke up (who cares), I am eating dinner (then why are telling me, just eat), and a variety of other posts that just clutter up my Plaxo front page. I was comments to one of my friends who uses twitter regularly about this and he suggested I should sign up to see what all the fuss was about before I made any judgment.

I did sign up and ironically, I am having some fun posting to twitter. I had several people invite me and I am now inviting you to follow me:

One person who participates in a Marketing Mastery Advisory Board I belong to made the comment that I am the Dr. Phil of business coaches. It was a complement in the best possible way. She met that I use tough love to help her get results. It was nice to have something important like that to share on twitter.

I found it is a great way to break up my day when I work at home.

It is a great way to stay in touch (easily and quickly) with people I want to follow.

It is easy for others who share my interests to follow me.

Some people contacted me that I have not seen in a long while. It was good to hear from them.

So connect with me and I will return the favor.

Ron Finklestein

The Dr. Phil of Business Coaches.


Learning is Earning

Author and speaker James Rohn said, “Never wish your life was easier… wish that YOU were better.”

So often we spend our time trying to find new ways to improve our earning potential. The fact is we need to build our earning power inside ourselves. I call it: Learning is Earning…. and learning creates earning significant earning power.

I have a passion for learning and helping others learn. We know individuals who make a commitment to learn on a regular basis will earn more and realize their dreams quicker and more completely.

My version of “learning is earning” is found in the concept of continuous learning, which has become prominent over the past decade. Organizations are changing rapidly. Therefore, it’s difficult to find any approach to doing anything in organizations that doesn’t soon become outdated.

You must continue to upgrade your skill set regularly. Stephen Covey says: “The half-life of your knowledge is only 2-3 years.” Consider how fast information and technology are changing. It is estimated that the amount of new information will double every 72 hours by 2015. How do you keep up? How do you keep making yourself valuable to your organization? You must keep up by focusing on yourself and the principles of continuous learning. You must set goals to constantly add value to your organization.

The concept of continuous or self directed learning has become important because it places priority on noticing, adapting and learning from change. .

Self-directed training includes the learner initiating the learning, making the decisions about what training and development experiences will occur, and how. The learner selects and carries out their own learning goals, objectives, methods and means to verify that the goals were met.

But, where do we find this new knowledge?

One of the best sites I have found in years for continuous learning is a recently launched web site . It is a subscription-based website that gives subscribers the opportunity to learn, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week from the experts in the Professional and Personal Development arena. Check it out when you have a chance. In fact if you are interested to learn more, Ron Finklestein and Ralph Berge are hosting an introductory event on February 26th at Rosemont Country Club from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.

Register at: or call me at 330-990-0788 for details on this free tour of the web site. I guarantee it will be worth your time.

Ron Finklestein