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The key to success is……

I received this email from Larry Crane. Though I have his release program, I love the story in this email so much I am sharing it (including his links). I have the release program and I use the release program, I leave it to you to decide if this program is for you.

Here goes…

Once upon a time, in a place that could have been any place, in a time that could
have been anytime, there was a beautiful house with a beautiful garden
surrounded by a rock wall.

One day the woman of the house saw three old men with long beards sitting on the
rock wall around her garden.

The women went outside and said to the old men:

“I don’t think I know you, but perhaps you are hungry. Please come into my home and I will prepare some food for you.”

To which one of the old men asked:  “Is the man of the house home?”

“No, not yet” she answered, “he has gone into the town market, but he’ll
be back soon.”

“Then we cannot come in” replied one of the elderly man.

Later in the day when her husband arrived home, the women of the house told him what
had happened.

The husband replied, “Well, tell them that since I am now home they can all
come in for something to eat. I have brought fresh loafs and fruit from the

So the woman went outside and again invited all three elderly gentlemen into her
house for something to eat.

“That is very welcoming of you, but the three of us cannot come in all at once”
replied one of the elderly gentlemen.

“Why not?” asked the women.

In that moment, one of the old men pointed toward the other two and said,
“His name is Wealth, his name is Success. My name is Love. Go inside and
ask your husband which one of us three you would like to invite in.”

Rather confused, the women went back into her house and recounted the situation to her

The husband upon hearing of the story got very excited and said, “Marvelous!
Since that is the case, let’s invite Wealth in so he can fill our house with

The wife did not altogether agree. “Why don’t we invite Success in? We could
do with more success trading at the market.”

The couple’s young daughter who was listening in on the conversation from another
room, rushed in and pulled at her mother’s apron pleading with her mother and
her father, saying, “Please, please, invite Love in. Then our home and my
lonely heart will be filled with Love.”

After a moment of silence the father said, “You’re right. Let’s listen to our
daughter. Go and invite Love in to be our guest.”

So, the women went outside once again and asked, “Which one of you is Love? We
wish for the one of you called Love to be our guest.”

Love stood up and started to walk up the brick path toward the women and the house.

And then…

The other two elderly men also got up and started walking up the brick path toward
the women and the house.

Surprised by all three men coming toward her the women of the house said, “I don’t
understand, you said all three of you couldn’t come in and I so I only invited
Love in. Why are you other two also now coming in?”

All three elderly men responded in unison, “If you had invited in Wealth or
Success the other two of us would have stayed behind. But you have chosen to
invite Love in, and wherever Love goes, Wealth and Success will ALWAYS

Neat little story, huh?

And the moral of the story, as I’m sure you have already grasped, is this:



The more you fill your life with Love – the easier life gets.

Are you ready to invite Love into your life (so Wealth & Success follow)?

Click here if you are.

Larry Crane
p.s. I totally agree with this and I am not getting any money to promote this product. I like the story, I agree with the story.

May your life (and mine) be filled with Love, Wealth, Success.

Ron Finklestein
ron @ businessgrowthexperience . com

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