Learning is Earning

Author and speaker James Rohn said, “Never wish your life was easier… wish that YOU were better.”

So often we spend our time trying to find new ways to improve our earning potential. The fact is we need to build our earning power inside ourselves. I call it: Learning is Earning…. and learning creates earning significant earning power.

I have a passion for learning and helping others learn. We know individuals who make a commitment to learn on a regular basis will earn more and realize their dreams quicker and more completely.

My version of “learning is earning” is found in the concept of continuous learning, which has become prominent over the past decade. Organizations are changing rapidly. Therefore, it’s difficult to find any approach to doing anything in organizations that doesn’t soon become outdated.

You must continue to upgrade your skill set regularly. Stephen Covey says: “The half-life of your knowledge is only 2-3 years.” Consider how fast information and technology are changing. It is estimated that the amount of new information will double every 72 hours by 2015. How do you keep up? How do you keep making yourself valuable to your organization? You must keep up by focusing on yourself and the principles of continuous learning. You must set goals to constantly add value to your organization.

The concept of continuous or self directed learning has become important because it places priority on noticing, adapting and learning from change. .

Self-directed training includes the learner initiating the learning, making the decisions about what training and development experiences will occur, and how. The learner selects and carries out their own learning goals, objectives, methods and means to verify that the goals were met.

But, where do we find this new knowledge?

One of the best sites I have found in years for continuous learning is a recently launched web site www.iLearningglobal.tv . It is a subscription-based website that gives subscribers the opportunity to learn, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week from the experts in the Professional and Personal Development arena. Check it out when you have a chance. In fact if you are interested to learn more, Ron Finklestein and Ralph Berge are hosting an introductory event on February 26th at Rosemont Country Club from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.

Register at: http://akrisilg.eventbrite.com or call me at 330-990-0788 for details on this free tour of the web site. I guarantee it will be worth your time.

Ron Finklestein

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