Income Opportunity & Ownership

A good friend of mine who I am proud to know (Eric Allen) is involved in a networking marketing opportunity. He does not discuss the opportunity or attempt to sell you on network marketing but he asks you to take ownership for your situation and know you can change. Ownership is principle number 2 in my book Nine Principles for Inspired Action: A New & targeted Perspective (amazon).
Eric does not use the word ownership. When you watch this video you will understand that only you can change your life. When you take ownership for where you are you realize that you created the situation you are in and since you created it you can change it.
Eric and I are in the same network marketing opportunity and if you want to know what it is contact me at 330-990-0788 / It is not mentioned in the video and we are not in the same down line so I do not benefit at all from asking you to watch this short video. I just believe in what Eric is trying to accomplish.
The intent of this video is to help you understand there are options. You are not a victim of the economy unless you let yourself be.

Take five minutes and what this video.   You will be glad you did.

After you watch this video read this blog (less than 60 seconds)

and start moving towards what you want and not away from what you do not want.

Ron Finklestein / 330-990-0788

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