Small Business Speaker

As someone who speaks on topics of interest to small business owners, I have found entrepreneurship to be of the greatest interest. An associate once told me that 65% of all small businesses started are one person companies.

This means there is a strong interest in taking control of their financial destiny but many times these new business owners trade one job for the many jobs required of running a small business: sales, marketing, bookkeeper, customer service, etc.

It is hard to be successful as an entrepreneur unless you have the success mindset. We are not taught to be a business owner in school and the business owners I know who have MBAs found that it is very difficult to applly what is learned in a college course designed for Fortune 1000 companies.

Who fills that gap between what was learned in school and how it is applied in the trenches? Someone has to. It can be filled in two ways: ongoing training and personal improvement and working with a coach, mentor or ideally a group of advisors. Working with someone else is where the best small business ideas can be tested before the wrong decision is made.

To Your Success,

Ron Finklestein