Sales Has Changed

Sales Has Changed


The old sales process focused on the relationship only as it concerned getting the sales. We wanted the prospect to buy at all cost. In this model the sales representative holds all the power and it was not important if the client liked and trusted you. The sales person had the knowledge and the power.

The New sales approach flips the old process upside down. This had to happened. In the old model the sales person controlled all the power and the prospect had to see the sales representative to learn what was going on. The smart sales representative understands that power has shifted to the buyer and if the buyer does not like or trust you they will not buy from you.

Here is how it is working today. The true sales professional knows his business well enough to understand who he can help. He also understands that the prospect must want help. He asks questions to discover the need and evaluates the prospects’ willingness to share. He then assesses the opportunity to see if this is the best use of his time. He may walk from this opportunity.

If the sales profession chooses to participate in the sales opportunity, he begins gathering data to gain clarity on how to best help the client. At this time, he might discover it does not make sense to continue. All though the sales process the sales professional is helping the prospect understand the rules of how the sales call(s) will progress.

After all the data is gather the sales profession will present with the intent of closing the business. The success of the presentation is dependent on how well he gathered data during the sales process. After the presentation is made and the business is closed, implementation begins.

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Ultimate Sales Machine

Chet Holmes wrote the bestselling book The Ultimate Sales Machine.

What a pleasant surprise to find that he referenced a article I wrote for called What Successful Businesses Have in Common. These 14 traits show up again and again when examining the reasons behind business success. I am including it here for your reading pleasure.

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